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SHG Sivrihisar Airshows

On 19-20 September 2015, there was a first in S.U.S.H.M. An airshow is organized for the first time in western Anatolian territories which brought with the local people and national aviation enthusiasts together. Sivrihisar Airshow (SHG 2015) started with the speech of Eskişehir Governor Mr. Güngör Azim Tuna.

In S.U.S.H.M. the first airpark of Turkey, besides the Eskişehir Governor Mr. Güngör Azim Tuna, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen, Sivrihisar District Governor Mr. Erdinç Yılmaz and Sivrihisar Mayor Mr. Hamit Yüzügüllü honored the organization with their precious participation. 

The spectators of SHG 2015 had the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty of aviation shows in the sky. In addition to the aerobatic show of Turkey's first professional civil aerobatic pilot Ali İsmet Öztürk with his plane Purple Violet, his daughter and student Semin Öztürk, Turkey’s first and only professional woman aerobatic pilot made a display as well. This display is very crucial in terms of being the first show of Semin Öztürk performed before the audience. In this manner, on 19 September 2015, a history was written in the sky of Sivrihisar and this flight became the proof that Turkish youth can achieve whatever they want to do and they have the power to overcome anything without hesitation. 

Within the SHG 2015, another student of Ali Ismet Öztürk, the Italian pilot Maurizio Perissinotto made an aerobatic show with his aircraft Scarlet Rose, which allowed the organization to reach an international level. Immediately afterwards, Purple Violet and Scarlet Rose performed an aerobatic formation flight and put their signatures in the sky. 

One of the most intriguing displays of this magnificent airshow at Sivrihisar General Aviation Center, Necati Artan Facilities, was the animation between MD-500 helicopter and Corvette. The animation supported by a Pyrotechnic show received thumbs up by the spectators. 

Turkish Aeronautical Association magnified the audience with their elegant swanlike manoeuvres. The spectacular display between 1943 model Boeing Stearman and classic cars (Riders&Brothers) on the runway made the audience to feel nostalgic moments. Boeing Stearman is a biplane that was produced during World War II and used for the training of fighter pilots. After the war, this historical aircraft which was also used in aerobatic displays can be found only at S.U.S.H.M. in Turkey. 

Eskişehir Motorcycle Club performed an exciting motorcycle show on the runway. The club greeted the audience by waving the Turkish flag after the demonstration. 

While the parachutists made wonderful jumps with their colourful parachutes as one of the most exciting shows of SHG 2015, model aircraft and helicopter shows with the participations of Eskişehir Aviation Club, Sartonet, Usta Kanatlar, Gökçen Aviation and Top Models were in SHG 2015 as well. 

5D Truck Simulator of Power FM which is the highest-rated radio station of Turkey came together with our visitors in SHG 2015. The visitors experienced the joy of many adventures in the simulator free of charge. 

SHG 2015 participant pilots came together with th audience, signed their autographs and had their photographs taken with their fans at the end of the show.

 “The Bicycle Race on the Runway” which was held in SHG 2015 for the first time and will be held every year enriched the shows. The competition was made in two categories; between the ages of 10-18 and 18+. Various awards, certificates and medallions were given at the end of the competition.

Another event of the Sivrihisar Airshows is “Aviation Photography Contest” organized as a tradition. The contest will be open to everyone’s participation in the next shows.

Also, on 16-17 September 2017 this year, we organize SHG 2017 event with the aim of showing all the glories of aviation in Sivrihisar sky.

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