Sivrihisar General Aviation Center

Sivrihisar General Aviation Center (S.U.S.H.M.), Necati Artan Facilities, started its activities in March 2014 as an air park. The center is built on 1000 acres of land and sits 2700 feet above sea level. The airpark has a runway which is 1800 meters long and 32 meters wide and has a direction of 05 to 23. Next to the main runway there is a grass runway for gliders and other lighter aircraft. The center has two aprons; the ‘West Apron’ and the ‘East Apron’. Currently the ‘West Apron’ holds hangars, the maintenance areas for aviation firms and storage warehouses for business jets; as well as, offices and the official working area for Aeronautical Information Service (AIS). The ‘East Apron’ will host flight training organisations, hangars for academic work and offices. This area is also the place where Sivrihisar Airshow is held. OCC (Operation Control Center), VIP building and technical handling is also placed at the eastern side.


Sivrihisar General Aviation Center (S.U.S.H.M.) is open with its services and facilities for protective aircraft and helicopter storage. Daily accommodation and take off and landing fees are not charged. As long as there is ethical discipline for aviation while the runway is being used, freedom is always there. Hence, S.U.S.H.M. is the first and only runway in Turkey to have such features. The airpark also hosts parachute jumpings and trainings, flight training schools and academic trainings and camps, model airplane shows and relevant training programmes, airshows and acrobatic flight shows. The area is a convenient spot for sportive aviation and for parachute jumpers and gliders.

S.U.S.H.M. Phone: +90 (222) 724 30 40 - 41

                        Fax: +90 (222) 724 30 11

Coordinates:  N  39°17'59.29''
                        E  31°29'38.50''
 Artan Tower: 131,625 MHz

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Jet A 1 jet fuel, 100 LL Avgas piston engine fuel and Mogas fuels are available at the airpark. The fuel delivery is operated by TSE registered and Full ADR certified fuel tank with international standards. The fire crew consists of 3 vehicles. The runway and the taxiway is lit for night flying with night VFR conditions. The construction of the accommodation facilities with 120 beds is still ongoing.