Lokman Hekim Hospital Group has been continuously making efforts to improve healthcare vision of Turkey in the international arena since 1996, thanks to flawless service concept, works focused on enhancing quality of life and hospitals equipped with cutting-edge equipment technology. 

Lokman Hekim Hospital Group, the largest-scale privately-owned healthcare service provider in Ankara and Van, is working to crown the professional and qualifed healthcare services with unconditional patient satisfaction based on its qualifed physician staff, who advocate patient-oriented approach, healthcare personnel and technology. Drawing attentions for knowledge and experience in local and international healthcare services, Lokman Hekim Hospital Group is still "a door to remedy" for patients, who travel from various regions of the globe. Today, Lokman Hekim Hospital Group is opening doors in Ankara or a healthy life; 3 Hospitals and 1 Medical Center in Ankara, 2 Hospitals in Van, 1 Diagnosis and Imaging Center in Erbil and 7 liaison ofces worldwide, and our group invites you to a healthy life. Lokman Hekim Health Group, where 5000 

patients are admitted per day and 511 beds at inpatient clinics, 183 beds at intensive care units are available and 265 physicians and 1900 personnel work, feels honored to host you - our valuable guest - based on our outstanding 

service concept.