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About Us

Herkes İçin Havacılık Associaton is an association which is founded and managed by university students. It is the first in aviation field and is founded in Eskişehir in 2015.

This movement started as a community in 2013 and became an association being formalized by 7 students studied in Anadolu University in 2015. The head office is located in Eskişehir and the association currently has representative agencies in 6 cities.



The association aims to popularize aviation and spread the culture of aviation both nationally and internationally based on the idea of “Aviation for Everyone*”. Besides, its purpose is to give our members a chance to develop themselves and help them become responsible individuals.

*The name of the association “Herkes İçin Havacılık” stands for “Aviation for Everyone”.

What does it do?

In the light of our mission, our teams within the association work coordinately and bring aviation from professional life to daily life.

To whom does it appeal?

It appeals to everyone who likes and takes interest in aviation.



►To enable the association to take an effective role termly with the help of team substructure and systems we have developed.

►To be the greatest and the most remarkable association of the country with our innovative, rational, dynamic, responsible, transparent, objective, eager, universal and systematic attitude.

Aviation for Everyone

We planned a lot of activites and organizations for the ones who like and take interest in aviation. We achieved a great success reaching 800+ members within two years. We are glad to have an effect on the existence of a more conscious aviation audience by contributing aviation either with our posts on social media or events organized.


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