Daniela Frank or better known as “Dani-Heli” is 24 years old and from Germany. She has 3D freestyle and low RPM pilot types. She has been flying for 6 years and 3 of them with Goblin helicopters! She started to this hobby with helicopters. People like her “round” flying style and she often combined 3D figures with long range figures and lower RPM.

She is not the competition type, but if she had a chance (and time for enough training) she would like to fly a F3C competition…


It was hard work for her to get into the SAB team. Since years, she wants it so much because she really likes the helicopters. Not only optical, especially of their mechanics. She is not the normal girl in all the way… She likes what she did and she builds and flies all by her own. There was no father or boyfriend who get her a heli and say: let’s fly it!

She also has a well-known Blog (also a Facebook page) in Germany where she tells everyone about the meetings she’s visited and show build videos and upload much photos from meetings and Heli adventures. She is a photographer.

After Kim started "Goblin Girl" she saw a chance to get into a team as a normal flying girl. So she decided to work hard for her dream to get into this fabulous team!

Regarding her helicopter setup, she says only the best and only products she really likes. She’s not the pilot who flies things that are "for free". She searches for the best product every time.

For her RC, she uses only Hi-Tec/Multiplex products, she flies with the Aurora 9X which fits well for her hands. She flies mode 2. Servos are also from Hi-Tec/Multiplex. She uses since years a Vbar for stabilization. The gears and shafts are lubricated with Dry Fluid.

As motor and ESC she uses modified Motors by KDE from Copper Doc, they gave needed power in Low RPM setups and stay cool if she flies with higher RPM. As ESC she uses YGE products. She still searches for long lasting Lipo batteries. With enough power, if she need it.


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