T129 ATAK is a new generation, tandem two-seat, twin engine helicopter specifically designed for attack and reconnaissance purposes. T129 ATAK, developed from the combat proven AgustaWestland A129CBT, incorporates totally new system philosophy with new engines (LHTEC CTS 800-4A), new avionics, visionics and weapons, modified airframe, uprated drive train and new tail rotor.

The T129 ATAK is the helicopter selected in 2007 by the Government of Turkey for the Turkish Land Forces; development and production will be assured by the "ATAK Team", a Joint Partnership of Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) and AgustaWestland. The first TAI-manufactured helicopter was delivered to Turkish Land Forces by the end of April 2014.

T129 ATAK has been optimized to meet and exceed the "high and hot" performance requirements for harsh geographical and environmental conditions while providing the following key characteristics;

Day & night all environment capability; effective, precise weapon systems that provide combat superiority while low visual, aural, radar and IR signatures, high level of crashworthiness and ballistic tolerance provide high battlefield survivability.
Excellent situational awareness through good visibility arcs and fully integrated mission and communication systems.
Eased crew workloads through superior performance, agility and platform stability and handling qualities.
Reduced Preparation Time augmented by off-board Mission Planning System and reduced take-off time.
Low operating cost through effective design and on-condition maintenance.
T129 ATAK could be provided with UMTAS ATGMs, and CIRIT (70 mm. Guided Rockets) designed for Turkish Armed Forces. Further armament options include Hellfire and Spike ATGMs, Stinger A/A missiles. A new FLIR system increases image quality and range performance with real-time image processing and multiple target tracking with high resolution thermal camera, laser rangefinder, designator and spot tracker. The relatively small radar cross section and state of the art systems counter measure systems help to provide high battlefield survivability, low visual, aural, radar and IR signatures.