In 2015, A few people gathered together because of  Aviation love. They were trying to find an answer that How can we improve Aviation and take a step forward .


 This long way let us to the cockpit.com.tr and Çinko Jet Aviation. Now we are organizing paragliding, powered paragliding, ultralight flight trainings, Aircraft maintanence education, Production of F16 Cockpit and consultanting about being an F16 pilot. In addition to flight traings we are also working on flight equipment. We are producing flight jacket, flight suit, flight bags, tshirts, sweet-shirts, aviation hat, model plane and R/C plane etc.


   Our founders are officers from Turkish Army and F 16 pilots from Turkish Air Forces. Our first and only aim is finding place in every heart . We take our power who is the founder of Turkey M. Kemal ATATÜRK. See you in the sky.