Sivrihisar Municipality has a vision of administration which provides solutions according to the expectations and requirements of its shareholders, it produces strategies and projects by observing and analysing the economic and social developments of both our country and the World and, it provides the participation of its shareholders to the administration of the district at the highest level. The municipality has also adapted an understanding of administration respectful to social values.

Having the purpose of arriving the level of international standards in its services, our municipality will have a significant role both in its local administrations and also in the national and international areas by actualizing some significant projects with the principle of continuous development and sustainability. 

Our district, with the slogan of ‘Sivrihisar- the Center of the World’ will transform our region into a center of temptation by bringing about applications to maintain the peace and the security of  environment and, with the investments to increase the qualifications of our habitat. Therefore, our folk will experience the pride of being an inhabitant of Sivrihisar. 

The purpose of the municipality is to increase the economic and social affluence of the people in Sivrihisar and to provide a qualified, fertile and functional municipal service to the shareholders of Sivrihisar- the Center of the World. 

From past to present, Sivrihisar has also a strategic location in Eskişehir due to its social structure enriched with the various belief systems, origins of its inhabitants and its historical and touristic wealth. Our institution is aware of the cultural and social prosperity of the district and therefore it provides the transfer of this unique structure to the future generations without being harmed. It also gives healthy and secure services in accordance with the scientific and artistic norms sufficient for the requirements of the future generations. 

Sivrihisar Municipality has the mission of providing a continuous development by transmiting the natural, cultural and social wealth to the future generations. 

It has the mission of making use of the resources of the district at the highest level,

It has the mission of providing a clear and just service ,

It has the mission of providing a share-holder focused administrartion,

And thus, it has the mission of bringing about an idealistic, functional and qualified municipal administartion.