MOR MENEKŞE - Acromach Super S2-S

Purple Violet, one of the most advanced aerobatic aircrafts of the world is only and  especially designed for airshow aerobatics. She is a special ordered Pitts based aircraft. However, she is way more superior as a special production aircraft. The aircraft is produced by Ali İsmet Öztürk and his team. The construction of  Purple Violet lasted for a year and as a result, the maneuvers made by this aircraft were visually enriched and its flight safety and airshow qualifications were enhanced. This special show machine designed against high G forces is resistant to +/-10 G and it has all the characteristics that enables the pilot to get less tired against these forces. This aircraft endowed with 400 HP engine is always controlled by the support of a computer during flights and the pilot is informed in any unusual situations. Her three-blade propeller with a composite production is designed only for aerobatics. During its performance, this excellent show plane exceeds the 400 km/hour from time to time.