Özyeğin University, Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences which makes a difference in education with innovations applied in the field of aviation has two programs: Aviation Management Undergraduate Program and Pilot Education Undergraduate Program.

The main features that distinguish our faculty from their counterparts are as follows:

Unique Aspects of Our Faculty:

-The language of instruction is 100% English; and the education creates a difference in this regard for those who want to shape their career in Turkey and it also offers the advantage of working internationally.

-To bring a new understanding to aviation sector-specific courses and education that are not located in any educational institution in Turkey other than Özyeğin University,

-Regulation and revision of the curriculum according to the sector requirements,

-The ability of the students to organize their courses according to their career plans. 

-In addition to academic education, there are many activities such as interviews, seminars, flight activities with simulators for the aviation sector.

Innovations in Civil Aviation Education in Turkey:

-First Faculty constituting a Common Training Model with a Flight Training Organisation 

-ICAO Aviation English Test Center.

-Simulator Center for Improving Students' Flight Experience and preparing them for the future job opportunities. 

-Different Lessons in Aviation Education

-Multi Activities for Aviation Sector