Founded to decrease the external dependence of Turkish Defence Industry, Savronik celebrates 30th year of its foundation. Besides defence industry, it is possible to see Savronik’s signature on hi-tech and high value-added projects about railway systems and intelligent transportation solutions. Research and development, design and production facilities of Savronik are performed by 400 employees including 300 egineers. The importance attachment to research and development concluded with having patents of self produced Technologies and transformed Savronik from an absolute producer to technology developer.

Savronik is 100% domestic capital company that shows its competitiveness not only in domestic market but also at international markets with its finished and on-going projects by courtesy of gathering flexible production and design capabilities, project focused solutions and contemporary engineering techniques.

Within intelligent transportation solutions, Savronik adopts such projects as undertaking, Tunnel Control and Management Systems, Electronic Toll Collection Systems. Savronik puts its signature under domestic and foreign intelligent transportation projects with its qualified man power and the solutions based on project-specific needs.

Savronik also makes indelible impression by added value and hi-tech solutions on railway projects and performs various solutions such as Signalization, Automatic Train Stopping, Car Cruise and Train Information Systems with domestic resources.