Er-Ah Aviation has been founded in 1991 to contribute to the civil aviation industry with 40 years of experience. After serving the industry with firefighting, aerial work, agricultural aviation segment Er-Ah Aviation founders step in to a new venture to extend its background to the new generation for training well qualified pilots in the industry. Er-Ah Flight School has established by 2008 in Isparta including an initial investment of 1500 square meter hangar in Isparta Suleyman Demirel Airport.

The sole flight school has the unique feature of having 3 different facilities in its premises. Istanbul, Antalya and Isparta Training centers are the major sources that allows us to provide the training in a continuous and effective way means 330 days of flight training capability.

Every single year Er-Ah Flight School maintains the innovation, and creativity with new structures. Er-Ah Flight School Is the first and the only school that presents virtual classes to its students which gives the chance to have the trainings in a simultaneous way. As an effective way future pilots has the option to get their trainings in more qualified and prompt atmosphere.

More than 100 staff in Er-Ah Flight School ready to give the best training. Well educated administrative officers, deeply endowed ground instructors, years of applied experienced flight trainers eager to provide qualified trainings.

Er-Ah Flight School is also available for the international students for the candidates who is looking to get qualified trainings. One of the most powerfull fleet of the world is ready to serve for the ones who eager to get a disciplined training. Around 20 aircraft inventory is well maintained and always promising high level of standards as fleet.