Simone Zunterer is a professional R/C helicopter pilot from Cologne, Germany.

She came into this hobby about 8 years ago directly with helicopters, without any further knowledge about R/C flying or any help from family or friends. 
Starting with a small 2 channel foam heli, she worked her "way up" through koaxial helicopters until she had the chance to fly 
the big machines (Thunder Tiger Raptor 550 back then). Although Nitro-driven machines were quite popular at that time, 
Simone always preferred the electric machines and until today she never owned a nitro machine as she loves the easyness of plug and play.

As female heli pilots are quite rare in this men-dominated hobby she is putting a lot of emphazise into her social media and Youtube presentations, in
order to present the world that also girls can fullfill their dreams and do whatever hobby they like to do. Together with some other european RC heli girls
she formed the group "Girls United", which shall inspire other women to start this hobby. On most bigger events in Europe "Girls United" is performing small
demo flights with up to 8 girls flying at the flightline, everyone with a different level.

Simone is working as a product designer in Cologne, where she manages to train her flying skills after her normal 8hours working day routine. 
During the summer time she is travelling on her weekends to several german events and also a growing number of international events such as in Spain, UK, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland etc
Through her growing international fanbase and the attention on social media she has achieved to get support from several sponsors, such as SAB, Optipower, Kontronik and Graupner.


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