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The foundation was founded in 1991 in Eskişehir;

Purpose: The foundation, which aims to provide unity and solidarity among the Sivrihisar people and to ensure that Sivrihisar develops in every area.

SEV Opening:

-Education: Sivrihisar has always been known for the importance it gives to education. This is proved with the famous people raised in this geography. At this moment, all the problems in education have been solved in the region.

-Culture: Sivrihisar has been that cradle of many civilizations throughout history; It was the homeland  of Mother Queen Kibele and King Midas. It was also one of the important points of the historical royal road. Significant scholars and philosophers have been brought up in this region such as Yunus Emre, Nasrettin Hoca, Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi, Hızır Bey Çelebi. The presence of seven meanders in this region during the Ottoman Empire is also the measure of the cultural wealth.

-Cooperation: Our foundation should provide unity and solidarity, increase the welfare of our people and help our province to develop in all aspects.  

Benefits of the Foundation: Immediately after the foundation:

-Education in SEV Anatolian High School began in the education period of 1992-1993. However, due to the physical insufficiencies, a supplementary building was required.  With the contribution of Muzaffer Demir who is a Board Member of the Foundation, the construction of the school with 15 classrooms was started on 14.06.2005 and the education in the new building of SEV Anatolian High School began on 20.09.2006. 

- The dormitory construction of SEV started on 20.07.2007. The student dormitory came into service on 13.08.2008 with the contributions of ATIŞKAN Family who is also a Board Member of our Foundation. The dormitory has a modern structure with a capacity of 300 students.

A scholarship is provided to succesful university students by SEV since 2000 and 1274 students have benefited from this unrequited scholarship up to now. We present our gratitude to the donors constituted by the colleagues and education volunteers for providing this opportunity.


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