Turkey's first professional female aerobatic pilot Semin Öztürk is born in 1991. As she turned 12, she experienced her first aerobatic flight with her father Ali İsmet Öztürk who is Turkey’s national aerobatic pilot. She attended high school in Lycée Français Saint-Michel and then studied in İstanbul University. With the sponsorship of Ayjet Flight School, she received her private pilot licence (PPL) when she was a sophomore in university. Later, she went to America to complete her aerobatic training in Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety based California state. She performed her first solo aerobatic flight with Pitts S-2B at the age of 21. In this manner, she is entitled as the first Turkish woman pilot to perform the first solo flight with this type of aircraft.

Semin Öztürk follows the path of her father. On 19 September 2015, the young aerobatic pilot performed her first airshow at ‘SHG 2015’ organized at Sivrihisar General Aviation Center. She also performed a role with other successful women of Turkey in a television commercial filmed by an Italian chocolate brand Pernigotti. 

On 8 March 2015, in International Women’s Day, she was invited to a very special reception in The Palace of Presidency of the Republic of Turkey. In that special day, she took her place among women who are in the foreground with their professions. In 2016, she completed her private helicopter pilot training course successfully in TUSAŞ Flight School and became Turkey’s first civilian woman helicopter pilot.

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Furthermore, Semin Öztürk flew with unique airplanes such as Boeing Stearman E-75 and Mustang P-51 and thus improved her flight experience. Even though Semin is very young, she achieved many firsts for the aviation of Turkey. She represents  the pride of Turkish youth with her determination and fighter spirit.