Cockpitturk was established in 2016 as a company that produces simulator and simulator parts after a year and a half of ar-ge work. Our primary goal is to be able to respond to the simulator needs in Turkey and in our region. Problems such as customs duties, service, maintenance and warranty of foreign products bring heavy costs. We have achieved a price advantage approximately 100% by increasing the contribution of domestic production and reducing the import load.

Atc simulator, moving platforms, propeller plane simulators, airplaner aircraft simulators and works specific to projects are work field of cockpitturk. At the same time, cockpitturk produces mock-up and provides cabin crew training materials.

Cockpitturk is also the distributor and consultant of software related to simulator avionics systems. In this context, cockpitturk is the distributor of Mindstar Avionik in Turkey. Also, simulator component is produced for the major simulator companies in the world

Cockpitturk generates the visual parts of the simulators itself. 180 and 220 degree curved curtain systems are completely domestic production. Besides, cockpitturk is the distributor of Warparizer company in Turkey.

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