He is the first professional and national aerobatic pilot of Turkey. He has been flying since 1984. At first, he started to fly with an ultralight aircraft and then he received  his commercial pilot license for helicopters and airplanes. In addition to his pilot license, he holds aircraft maintenance technician license, instructor pilot license and IFR certificates for multi-engine helicopters and airplanes as well. He takes place among the firsts in Turkey; he is one of the first ultralight pilots and one of the first founders of helicopter flight school. He is the first civil commercial helicopter pilot and the first civil aerobatic pilot. He is also the  inventor of the ‘Eurasia Loop’ and he is the one to bring the first live broadcast helicopter to Turkey. He has spent more than 5000 flight hours with various types of helicopters and planes. He experienced his first aerobatic flight in 1988. And he started to fly as a professional aerobatic pilot at airshows in 2000. 

Ali İsmet Öztürk and his legendary plane “Purple Violet” made more than 850 display flights in 22 different countries. He reached 25 million spectators with all these displays and completed his performances with no error from Turkic Republics and Arab countries in the east to London skies in the west. Ali İsmet Öztürk had our national flag wave in the world’s sky with pride. He is also one of the founders of the first certified airpark of Turkey; Sivrihisar General Aviation Center (S.U.S.H.M.).

The Purple Violet, one of the most advanced aerobatic aircrafts of the world was only and especially designed for airshow aerobatics and she was ordered as Pitts based. However, she is way more superior as a special production aircraft. The construction of Purple Violet by Ali İsmet Öztürk and his team lasted for a year in 2003. Hence, the maneuvers made by this aircraft were visually enriched and its flight safety and airshow qualifications were enhanced. This special show machine designed against high G forces is resistant to +/-10 G and it has all the characteristics that enables the pilot to get less tired against these forces. This aircraft endowed with 400 HP engine is always controlled by the support of a computer during flights and the pilot is informed in any unusual situations. Her three-blade propeller with composite production was designed only for aerobatics. While this excellent show plane performs its display excessing the 400 km/hour from time to time, she spends 38 gallons of fuel (approximately 152 liters) and 45 gallons of smoke (approximately 180 liters) in an hour.

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